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The penetration plays that you can have using Sex toys for women and men

The penetration plays that you can have using Sex toys for women and men

It is seen that ladies want a hard and erect penis to be in their vagina to have the perfect sex. But there may be reasons that one cannot get such when she feels the urge of that kind of sex. The reasons may be many like if their partner is not nearby or they are single. There is nothing to worry about there are various sex toys which will help them to have such a kind of sexual pleasure.

The sex toy called Dildo

These are sex toys which can be used in the vagina or the anus. The structure resembles that of penis and it can be inserted into the body and moved. The pleasure that it will give is the same as when an actual penis moves in and out of the vagina or anus during actual intercourse. Ladies when do not have their partners nearby can use this sex toy to satisfy their sexual urge.

The sex toy that is called Dong

It is seen that the Dildo can give the pleasure of penetration of a penis. So, what does a Dong do? It also does the same thing but over that it gives you the feel of touch. When you have inserted the Dong inside your vagina and moving it in and out, will it not be more satisfying if the toy gives you a feeling that you are actually been inserted by the penis of your partner. That is what a Dong does, it feels like a penis.

You can easily see that these sex toys give you the sexual pleasure of penetration even when your partner is not nearby. Without hesitation have one and have the sexual pleasure.

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